That time I almost Failed my JEE exam.

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I recently discovered, when I had to refrain from using my laptop to finish assignments before the deadline, that I had become a slave of VALORANT.

My love for VALORANT started around Mid August this year. I knew that a Tactical 5v5 FPS game called VALORANT had been in the talk for some time. However, I was not aware that its fanbase had grown so exponentially until I experienced it for myself.

For all those who do not know what Valorant is, then here is the link to Riot Games' official page on the same :VALORANT: Riot Games’ competitive 5v5 character-based tactical shooter ( . You can Verify for yourselves how addicting it, actually is.

Back to the story, so as for the premise let me inform you this crucial fact that I was a JEE ASPIRANT.

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Kudos to anyone who can relate to the struggle of a jee aspirant.

Now since I was a jee aspirant, I had already risen above the material pleasures and desires this world had to offer for the past 2 consecutive years in accordance with the untold constitution that all the teachers and parents agreed upon, disregarding whatsoever wishes we might have had.

However, around mid/end of February 2022, an otherworldy game apparently made its way into my so-called "saint life". I had found an escape route from the monotonous life that I had been continuing for so long.

But just as a wise man once said, "A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new". And I took the words just a little too literally, which led to me getting succumbed to one of the most common pitfalls at a time in my jee journey that I could not afford otherwise. I was on the verge of ruining my dream, an oath that I took with my best friend.

We have progressed far enough into the story and I must now introduce my brother, Elder by age. Now, he had been and continues to be a very good guide as well as a very good friend. One could say he is an ideal Asian brother.

15 Amazing Benefits of Having an Elder Brother - Apt Parenting

Enough with emotional talk. As I was narrating, I almost drifted from my path due to the external influence of Valorant. But he straight up pulled me out of the unending loop of pleasure and escape route that Valorant provided me.

A valid question one could ask is - "How was my brother able to pull that off knowing how much of a nuisance younger siblings are?". Well, a simple answer to that is - "He had been a JEE ASPIRANT HIMSELF."

As the story is concluding, You could guess that I surprisingly passed my entrance exams. And I am happy with being one of the 23,000 (approx.) students (out of 9 lakhs approx. in the year 2022) who were allowed to appear for counseling and admission process for the premiere institutes of the country.

I know this blog is no longer just about Valorant but if you read till here, I sincerely thank you for your patience and support.

Let me know your thoughts on this and until the next blog, Mata ne !

And for the weebs ,ありがとうございました

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